CND says it will continue working for youth

CND says it will continue working for youth

In commemorating his 34 anniversarythe National Drug Council (CND) reaffirmed this Wednesday the commitment to continue with its role of designing preventive tools and strategies aimed at the most vulnerable people, especially children, adolescents and young people.

To do this, it strengthens social and parental skills in family members, neighborhood associations, public and private educational centers, clubs, sports leagues, companies and public and private institutions, among others.

The statement was made by the president of the CND, Jaime Marte Martinezwhen pronouncing a few brief words at the end of the mass officiated to celebrate the 34 anniversary creation of that body, through Law 50-88, in 1988, with the purpose of being rector of prevention policies against drug abuse, refers a press release.

He stressed that the body where teamwork is implemented can exhibit important achievements in a short time thanks to the unrestricted support provided by the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader.

“Today we fulfill the task of summarizing our first year of management, recently passed, and those challenges that have been present, constituting a true succession of complex inexhaustible challenges and inevitably generating other similar ones”, Marte Martinez said.

He detailed the actions carried out during his administration and that have contributed to institutional strengthening in different aspects.

tangible achievements

On this point, he highlighted that the philosophy has been refocused on a new mission, vision and values ​​attached to the true reason for being of the institution; expansion of the coverage of action, creating six new Regional Departments, in order to decentralize drug policies.

The Drug Policy Training School was also created to train professionals and technicians, turning them into multiplier agents.

While the new National Policy on Drugs 2022-2025 is in the process of being prepared, in coordination with different social sectors, aligned with the Government Plan and the National Development Strategy 20-30.

He also highlighted the implementationwith the successful implementation of the Social Integration Program for a Healthy Life (PROINSOVIDAS), which allows various sectors to establish preventive mechanisms for the benefit of citizens.

While, to achieve inter-institutional consolidation, Marte Martínez indicated that important collaboration agreements have been signed with different social institutions, as well as the accreditation of Honorary Advisors to key personalities for prevention.

“We are increasing our institutional synergy with international organizations, to make regional strategies and programs more efficient, such as citizen control and security policies,” added the president of the CND.

Martínez referred to the fact that in order for the results to have been obtained, “we have created a normative dynamic that faithfully contributes to the institutional ends and purposes, allowing all efforts to be concatenated around it, which is expressed in the translation of the different policies , strategies and national campaign on prevention that, together with the external links developed, has made it possible to improve the activities of the National Drug Council”.

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