Claude Joseph dice Abinader no entiende nada de la crisis en Haití

Claude Joseph says Abinader understands nothing about the crisis in Haiti

The former Prime Minister of Haiti, claude josephaffirmed this Friday that the Dominican president, Luis Abinader Corona, does not understand anything about the social and political crisis that the neighboring country is experiencingand that only takes advantage of the lack of leadership to continue with their agenda.

“Abinader understands nothing about the Haitian crisis, and only takes advantage of the absence of leadership from the current puppet Prime Minister of Haiti to follow his own agenda”Joseph wrote in a message posted on his Twitter account.

Luis Abinader asks the OAS to “redouble efforts” to stop the Haiti crisis

The former Haitian official also said that he did not approve “The Totally Selfish and Opportunistic Approaches” of Abinader, in relation to the “file of Haiti”.

The statements of claude joseph They arise after Luis Abinader spoke before the Organization of American States (OAS), where he asked to redouble efforts to curb the situation in Haitian territory.

“Haiti cannot wait any longer, the current situation can be defined as a low intensity war. We must act now, thousands of people are dying”said.

Luis Abinader pulls Claude Joseph at the OAS

The president assured that “The border crisis in Haiti is a threat to the national security of the Dominican Republic”because the authorities of that country do not have “control” of the monopoly of force and organized crime “tries to alter order” in Dominican territory.

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