Martha Moyano demands information on the designation of Manuel Arellano in Digimin's counterintelligence

Martha Moyano demands information on the designation of Manuel Arellano in Digimin’s counterintelligence

The Vice President of Congress, demanded that information be provided on the appointment of Manuel Arellano in the Digimin Counterintelligence Directorate, since it would be a maneuver to obstruct the work of .

Moyano sent two letters as a matter of urgency, one addressed to the inspector general of the PNP, Segundo Mejía, and another addressed to the head of the Interior sector, Willy Huerta.

In the case of the document addressed to the PNP inspector, it is requested that an investigation be initiated to reveal irregularities in his selection process, while in the official letter addressed to the minister, information is requested on the merits of Arellano to occupy that position. position.

In both documents, reference is made to a report by El Comercio in which it is realized that personnel (at least 26 non-commissioned officers and two officers) are being increased in the Digimin Counterintelligence Directorate, with the purpose of reducing by 20% Colchado team funds. Hidalgo Yen and PNP Major Manuel Arellano Carrión would be these two officers. Both are close to former Digimin chief Martín Gonzales Sánchez, known in the PNP as ‘Rabbit’.

According to sources from this newspaper, Erasmo Sánchez Lira, who leads the counterintelligence team, would be forming a counterintelligence team with the purpose of undermining the work of Colonel PNP Colchado. One of them would be the PNP commander Mario Hidalgo Yen, who rejoined the Digimin in mid-August and is the one who was going to replace Colchado in the Search Division.


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