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Cicpc detains two people for murdering a woman in Trujillo to extract organs

Cicpc detains two people for murdering a woman in Trujillo to extract organs

The Cicpc in Valera, Trujillo state arrested two men for murdering a woman to remove her eyes and sell them so that one of them would leave the country

The director of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations Corps (Cicpc), Douglas Rico, reported the arrest of two people in the state of Trujillo for their alleged connection to the murder of Duibraska Andreína Rivas Romero, 31, whose body was found at the banks of the Motatán River on May 23.

Through your account at instagram, Rico indicated that the Cicpc agents attached to the Coordination of Investigations of Crimes Against Persons in Valera arrested José Gregorio Hernández Vargas, 19 years old, and Kleiver Omar Linares Rondón, 21; suspected of having killed Rivas Romero to remove his eyeballs.

According to investigations, the victim would have received an invitation from Hernández Vargas to go to the Motatán river. She accepted and they went to look for Linares Rondón at her house to go to the aforementioned destination. At the scene, there was an argument and her men pounced on her with a knife to “assault” her and cause her death.

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Apparently, José Gregorio Hernández Vargas is a fourth-year medical student and was the one who allegedly cut the eyeballs to sell them for $100, since he needed the money to leave the country.

After gouging out his eyes, they threw the murder weapon into the river and fled the scene. In order not to be discovered, according to the Cicpc, the men returned to the victim’s home with his belongings and told his relatives that they did not know where he was.

The two subjects were detained in a Cicpc operation that took place in the Valera municipality of Trujillo state and were left at the disposal of the Public Ministry.

In November 2022, Rico reported two people were captured in San Félix (Bolívar state) for the commercialization of human organs through social networks.

Rico pointed out that, after the public complaint of several sales of human organs, they proceeded to investigate via the Internet to establish the origin of those publications made on Marketplace, the sales platform created and anchored to Facebook.

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