Chinese Ambassador Niu Qingbao: “We hope that the Chilean authorities will continue to provide a fair and open business environment”

Chinese Ambassador Niu Qingbao: "We hope that the Chilean authorities will continue to provide a fair and open business environment"

A new session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the 13th National People’s Congress of China was recently held in Beijing. The so-called “Two Sessions” consist of meetings of great importance for the political life of the country, and that this year transmit a series of positive signals with a global reach. In this context, the Chinese ambassador to Chile, Niu Qingbao, spoke with The counter Regarding the main measures that seek to stabilize economic development, through international cooperation for the economic recovery of the post-pandemic world, which, as he points out, has opened broader perspectives to deepen political and commercial relations with Chile.

“Faced with the challenges of rising unilateralism and the deficit in global governance, China, adhering to the concept of the community with a shared future of mankind, has consistently upheld multilateralism, promoted the perfection of global governance, and advocated that all countries in the world face common challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change hand in hand. In the fight against the pandemic, China and Chile have joined forces, demonstrating with concrete actions that we are a community with a shared future. hopes to maintain good coordination with Chile in multilateral platforms such as the UN and APEC, to practice multilateralism together, defend the open environment of global cooperation and the multilateral trade system, and guarantee the stability of global supply chains”, he pointed.

The diplomat also referred to questions regarding China’s resistance to accelerating the gradual elimination of coal, in contrast to the intention to prioritize the protection of the environment as part of the main conclusions of these two meetings. “China has set its goal of achieving carbon neutrality before 2060, and is accelerating the construction of the policy system that includes the timetable and the roadmap to realize these two goals. We are advancing in the deployment of the largest scale in the world of nuclear power, and in planning to build wind and photovoltaic power bases in desert areas.(…) As a country with a population of over 1.4 billion people who are still industrializing and urbanizing, it is not easy to achieve the nationally determined contribution goals against climate change It will cost us a lot of effort, but we will keep our promises and take decisive action on it, and we are fully confident that we will achieve the goals set, achieve the greatest emission reduction of carbon in the world and achieve the transition from peak emissions to carbon neutrality in unprecedented less time,” he said.

The Chinese authority stated that it was calm and optimistic about the new political scenario in Chile, with the arrival of the new government and the course of the Constitutional Convention. “I personally met with President Boric after his election and was pleased to learn that he attaches great importance to relations with China and is committed to enhancing exchanges and cooperation between the two sides in various fields such as politics, economy, science and technology, humanities and international governance. China looks forward to strengthening friendly exchanges, and promoting a higher level of China-Chile comprehensive strategic partnership,” he stressed.

In that sense, he also addressed some of the main commercial challenges between both countries. “China as Chile’s first trading partner and first buyer of Chilean mineral products such as copper and lithium, and agricultural products such as cherries, its economic growth will mean the demand for more high-quality and diversified Chilean products. China is willing to work with Chile to improve the structure of bilateral trade, increase the added value of exported products, deepen cooperation in investments in priority areas, in order to further increase international competitiveness in their respective competitive sectors.( …) We will continue to explore cooperation in areas such as the digital and green economy, for the benefit of both peoples.”



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