Charges to the center that issued a review of the accident truck in La Línea

Charges to the center that issued a review of the accident truck in La Línea

After the accident that occurred on January 4, 2022, on the La Línea road at the height of the Los Venados tunnel, in which eight people lost their lives and 36 more were injured, the Superintendency of Transportation opened an investigation and formulated a statement of charges against the Tecnimas SAS Diagnostic Center, for presumably not performing the mechanical technical inspection of the TRD496 license plate tractor, involved in the accident, in an appropriate manner, since apparently the braking tests were not carried out on one of the three axles of the vehicle.

(Road accidents cost the country 23.9 billion pesos a year).

For the Superintendent of Transportation, Wilmer Arley Salazar Arias, “It is important to draw the attention of all actors in the transport sector and all users of the system in terms of strict compliance with the law, since its non-observance can compromise, at higher levels, the principle of security that is preponderant in all operations. activities related to traffic and transportation (…) this investigation is the result of the activation of a special supervision protocol designed to review compliance with regulations in cases such as the one that occurred.”

Upon learning of this accident that occurred on the La Línea road in the Los Venados tunnel, the Traffic and Transportation Investigations Directorate initiated the respective preliminary investigations, which include a background check and all documentary compliance associated with the operation of the vehicle, finding that he The Tecnimas SAS Automotive Diagnostic Center would have allegedly incurred in violations of the regulations on land transport, since it apparently carried out the technical-mechanical review of the tractor.

(Double lane begins to function in La Línea: details of the work).

In this way, the Transportation Superintendence established that the transit support organization in question, allegedly, did not carry out all the braking tests on the vehicle, since it was found that the braking test was carried out on axles 2 and 3, omitting perform this test on axis 1.

In addition, the control entity evidenced the omission to indicate in the Uniform Format of Results the report of the results of the tread depth of the spare tire.

Taking into account the foregoing, the Traffic and Transportation Investigations Directorate considered that there are merits to initiate an administrative sanctioning procedure against the Tecnimas SAS Automotive Diagnostic Center, for allegedly altering the results obtained by the vehicle subject to the Technical-Mechanical Review. and polluting emissions, alter the veracity of the information reported to the Single National Traffic Registry and, put people at risk with the provision of their serviceconducts enshrined in numerals 2, 4 and 12 of article 19 of Law 1702 of 2013.

Due to the possible implications that the omissions and irregularities noted in the accident that occurred on January 4, 2022 on the La Línea road, at the height of the Los Venados tunnel, could have, The Superintendency of Transportation sent copies to the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation so that, within the scope of its competence, it determines the clarification of the facts that are currently under investigation.

(They open a statement of charges against two people for creating an alternate ‘toll’).

In case of being found responsible, the Automotive Diagnostic Center may be sanctioned with suspension of the authorization, which consists of ceasing to provide the service to users and the loss of the interconnection with the National Single Registry of Transit RUNT.


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