Cerca de 7 millones de dólares ha invertido el Ministerio de Salud en la compra de fármacos.

Two Guayaquil doctors denounced for ‘keeping’ medicines

As they are appointed officials, a process must be followed to be able to dispense with their services, which takes months.

At Abel Gilbert Hospital in Guayaquil there could be a fake shortage from medicines. This was described by the Minister of Health, Ximena Garzón, who pointed out – during a conversation with the press – that they have information on cases from more hospitals where doctors they prefer to ‘keep’ the medicines in warehouses and not deliver them to patients.

One of the first actions on this problem, Garzón said, during a television interview, was in the Abel Gilbert Hospital, Guayaquil. Garzón indicated that the investigations point to “a couple of doctors of that health unit” to whom a disciplinary regime is being made. “They are by appointment, you have to follow a regimen to be able to dispense with their services,” added the Minister.

According to Garzón, the manager of that health home had sent communications through official letters and WhatsApp, that there had already been medicines in the hospitalbut the patients continued denouncing that they did not receive the supplies and they sent them to buy.

The Ministry of Health assures that there is a 72% of catering in the 2,000 units of the Ministry and that until the end of February, it will reach 80%. (AVV)


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