César Campos on resigning ministers: "It is a consequence of improvisation"

César Campos on resigning ministers: “It is a consequence of improvisation”

warns that this result is the consequence of an improvised cabinet. He also spoke of the renewal of a new cabinet that works in the transitional government in conjunction with .

“Dina Boluarte’s cabinet is a consequence of the improvised way in which it has been constituted, I think that Boluarte has the opportunity to ask her ministers that if they have any observations on how she is proceeding against the rioters, they should step aside. . There is a crossfire that has been observed since the coup d’état left by Pedro Castillo. Congress for its part does not give an adequate reading of reality, this is not new “indicated.

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At another time, he warned that the exit is a cabinet renewal that can give the population confidence in the Boluarte government.

“Forming a cabinet of unity between them, she has given contradictory signals at this time. Our highest authority does not show signs of coherence and that is very bad in politics. The entire cabinet has to look to the same north, it is not a question of making a parboil of right, center and left. Fundamentally that it has the same mission”said.


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