Cedla: The union leaders became bureaucratized with the MAS

Cedla: The union leaders became bureaucratized with the MAS

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The researcher from the Center for Studies for Labor and Agrarian Development (Cedla) Bruno Rojas criticized the bureaucratization of the union leadership during the last years of the MAS government.

He explained that the declaration in commission of a worker is recognized by Bolivian labor legislation as international and is not something arbitrary.

However, he said that the leaders must be renewed from time to time. In a union every two years, in a federation between two and three years, although in a parent organization such as the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) or departmental centrals it can exceed three years.

Rojas maintained that the problem is that this has been distorted and the union leadership in many organizations has become bureaucratized and assumes a series of prerogatives and attributions that are not in accordance with the interests and demands of the rank-and-file workers.

“Unfortunately, with the MAS government in recent years, the bureaucratization of the union leadership has deepened and some leaders are allowed to be permanently re-elected, ignoring what unionism establishes as a doctrine that is the permanent renewal of leaders,” Rojas observed. .

In this framework, he pointed out that these union bureaucracies act on their own, they are functional to the party in function of government and a rupture with the workers is generated.

“This has been promoted by the MAS to obtain loyalties and the directives have become a catapult to obtain personal benefits, candidacies for deputies and mayors,” he lamented.

In this way, the leaders become a bar for the attention of the different labor demands, the rights of the workers are violated and little is done from the union organizations for their channeling and attention of the authorities on duty.

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