Iglesia católica: hay que proporcionar a las familias estabilidad y seguridad social

Catholic Church: families must be provided with stability and social security

The Catholic Church asked for this Holy Friday that there be equality in the Dominican Republic and that families be sought an “urgent” way out so that stability and social security are guaranteed.

During the reading of Sermon of the Seven WordsMonsignor Faustino Burgos Brisman made a simile on the second word, “Today you will be with me in paradise”and the society that is persecuted in the country.

“Today you will be with me in paradise. It is the longing that many want to hear. Let’s not become deaf and indifferent to this cry, “said Monsignor Burgos Brisman.

“It does urgent and it is necessary to find dignified solutions to irregular situations and the personal repercussions that are hidden behind the denial of social rights”, added the religious while reading the second word in the First Cathedral of America.

In this sense, he said that families must be provided social stabilityand defended the work of informal workers, whom he considered to be the “most vulnerable” in the Dominican Republic.

Earlier, the start of Sermon of the Seven Wordswhich is read every Good Friday during the Holy Weekwas marked by a complaint against the system in the Dominican Republic that protects “the treasury predators and those who evade taxes.”

“Father, forgive them because they dont know what they are doing”was the first word, by the auxiliary bishop of Santo Domingo, José Amable Durán Pineo, in the First Cathedral of America.

The religious also specified that the Lord Jesus Christ is betrayed and crucified in children who prevent them from being born, as well as the country’s justice system.

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