Castillo qualifies the complaint against him as an error: "We are in time to rectify it"

Castillo qualifies the complaint against him as an error: “We are in time to rectify it”

The president of the Republic, described as an “error” that is in time to be rectified that a constitutional complaint has been filed against him by the National Prosecutor, .

In statements to TV Peru from Moyobamba, the president assured that the Government maintains the opening to dialogue with other powers of the State without any intention of breaking the democratic framework.

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“What cannot be forced is the popular will of the Peruvian people, you cannot pretend to reach the Government if there was not the support of the popular vote. The people know it, the authorities know it, and I believe that if there was any mistake or error, we have time to rectify it. From here I call you to sit down and look at the country”assured.

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Pedro Castillo pointed out that it is a “certain sector” that is behind this “error”. “You cannot promote a coup by manipulating or politicizing another power such as the space of the Public Ministry”he indicated.

The president commented that it is a “trite” issue that the accusations against him, the investigations and the testimonies of effective collaborators are constantly being discussed, about which he denied having any type of relationship with a criminal organization.

“What we reject is creating witnesses, wanting to orchestrate saying that Pedro Castillo is the head of a criminal network. I understand that there is a desperation to make the country understand. They are invented, audios are created, messages are created, people are interviewed who there is a certain collusion below. Beyond those, I am not going to entertain myself with those things, I am going to continue working for Peru”he replied.


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