Carrera and Olesker will participate in the mural for “Freedom of Expression”

The senator for the Popular Participation Movement (MPP), Charles Carrera together with Daniel Olesker, senator for the Socialist Party (PS), will participate in the mural for the “Freedom of expression”. The activity will take place on Sunday 8 at 10:00 am on Av. Brasil and March 26. It is part of a series of graffiti that will take place this Sunday in defense of freedom of expression. Carrera and Olesker will collaborate with the mural

From the Broad Front, through a document, it was stated that the president of the party Fernando Pereira will be present around noon, to collaborate with said day. As for the Andrés Di Pascua Brigade, it will be the one to carry out the activity with the support of coordinators A and B of the Broad Front.

On the last days of April, the Broad Front issued a document expressing its support for the two militants. The same accused them from the Prosecutor’s Office after painting a wall. They were accused of “vandalizing” it. On that occasion, it was expressed from the political force that it was considered “a serious fact because it criminalizes militancy and dangerously limits freedom of expression.”

“A simple graffiti cannot be legally classified as vandalism, on a wall that, in addition, has had political and commercial graffiti for decades,” the text continued. It was alleged from the party that “no deterioration or destruction was caused in the property,” it was expressed at that time.

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