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Cap Cana begins celebration of 20 years with the position of Country Brand

Cap Cana is a destination city located in the heart of the Caribbean on the east coast of the Dominican Republic

Madrid Spain. The Cap Cana Destination City announced the formal start of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of its foundation in a ceremony held during the International Tourism Fair (FITUR), which was attended by the President of the Republic Luis Abinader Corona and the Tourism Minister David Collado.

Also present were the administrative minister of the presidency José Ignacio Paliza, the ambassador of the Dominican Republic in Spain Juan Bolívar Díaz and other personalities from the government sector, the Dominican business community and the tourism sector.

In his main speech, Fernando Hazoury, Chairman of the Board of Directors, highlighted that the destination is the only one that was born with a fully conceptualized master plan covering 110 million square meters, and that today it can celebrate its great achievements.

“It is worth noting that it is the largest real estate tourism development of the private sector carried out in Latin America, and also the only one in the country that, being of considerable importance, the shareholders are 100% Dominicans,” he said.

He stated that 20 years after its foundation, Cap Cana is a mature development, financially consolidated and that demonstrates consolidated solidity.

“Today it is a destination city, which has positioned itself as a country brand, with more than 3 billion dollars invested, some 7,400 rooms built between hotels and residences, in addition to some 1,200 under construction, generating more than 16 thousand jobs between direct and indirect, which translates into well-being for all Dominicans,” added Hazoury, who in turn thanked the support of large international hotel chains that have joined the effort, making Cap Cana the benchmark for high-quality hospitality in the country. , and that consolidates them as a luxury destination.
“Ultimately, in these 20 years our great investment is evident in the first-world infrastructure that we put at the service of all our owners, investors and visitors,” he said.

“With this we continue to contribute to the tourism sector and support the President of the Republic Luis Abinader, his Minister of Tourism David Collado and his entire cabinet, in their commitment to work for this industry that has contributed so much to the recovery of the Dominican economy in recent times. Cap Cana, together with other colleagues and friends from the real estate and hotel tourism sector, strives every day in its task of continuing to attract foreign investment”, he concluded.

On his side, President Luis Abinader said: “When we talk about the best of tourism in the Dominican Republic is yet to come, we say it for projects like this because for Cap Cana now is where the great development remains.”

“This is the moment of consolidation; The Cap Cana project is consolidated as a tourist project and it has the best years to come with that enormous diversity of offers it has. What I tell Fernando and the entire Hazoury family is that they have the full support of the government to continue developing many projects that are pending in Cap Cana,” he concluded.

While David Collado Minister of Tourism expressed that: I see that in this presentation Don Fernando has emphasized Ciudad Cap Cana, and it really is a great city where you can see the entrepreneurship and the vision of a great family; 20 years of work and sacrifice. This project puts the Dominican Republic on foreign beaches. In each activity and roadshow that we do around the world we present this project with pride and satisfaction”.

About Cap Cana:

Cap Cana is a destination city located in the heart of the Caribbean on the east coast of the Dominican Republic. It is one of the main tourist, real estate and luxury hotel destinations with a high commitment to maintaining strict sustainability standards. It has the development of policies for the preservation of the environment that are developed through different programs for the care of species and programs for the protection of flora, fauna and coasts.

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