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Cantv strengthens telecommunications infrastructure in communities in the country

Cantv inaugura Nodo de Nueva Generación en urbanización Caña de Azúcar en Aragua

The National Limited Telephone Company of Venezuela (Cantv) made progress this year in works on the communications infrastructure with the participation of the communities.

The president of Cantv, M/G Jesús Aldana, explained in the Al Aire program broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, that the plans addressed by the company were: attention to breakdowns, implementation of technology, infrastructure recovery, human talent and Cantv Communal.

Regarding the Cantv-Comunal Plan, he explained that “we have been developing it, which has allowed the recovery of the plant and then of the networks until it reaches the user.”

In this sense, he pointed out that they addressed “initially the recovery of the service that users had, at the same time, needs are met through itinerant points, which allows us to receive new requests.”

Aldana said that “this plan has been beneficial because it has allowed interaction between the community and Cantv. It is the approach of the Cantv to the communities. That has allowed us to resume the Telecommunications Technical Tables.

technological migration

The president of Cantv, that this year at ABA Ultra, 36 thousand optical ports have been built.

In the case of Las Tejerías, the Major General said that this community will be the first municipality integrated to the Ipon technology, “in less than two months, we have connected more than two thousand users, in the first and second phase, in a third phase we have talked with the municipal authorities.

Technology migration has been applied in Aragua, Anzoátegui, Nueva Esparta, Zulia, Táchira, Mérida, Carabobo, the Capital District, Miranda and Monagas.

stock offering

The president of Cantv, explained that regarding the offer of shares, so far “we have sold one million 385 thousand shares, initially it was aimed at workers, retirees and people related to Cantv, they are within the range of the initial segments ”.

That is why in the company, they develop a training process in the stock market part aimed at users.

In this sense, he explained that “the fact of investing in a State company, which is in the process of recovery, is to have a safe asset. The invitation to the People of Venezuela is to invest in Cantv shares”.

We have had proposals from other countries that are interested in buying Cantv shares.


The president of the telephone company recalled that since 2017, 658,000 users were reported in quiet zones (areas affected by theft and vandalism), “we have been doing recovery work. There are only 157,000 left”.

“We are evaluating the possibility of migrating these silent zones to fiber optics. Many cases we repair three times”.

Following joint work with the Ministry of People’s Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace, theft and vandalism decreased this year. “More than 158 people have been apprehended for these crimes” and put to order to the Attorney General’s Office.


He stressed that 1×10 is a remote channel, “it is a new option”. Currently, it has 276,000 requests, of which 146,751 are breakdowns and 129,543 new requests that are being processed, “reflecting an effectiveness of 67%.”


In the care plan for educational centers, Cantv made progress with the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) and the Ministry of Popular Power for Education, with 7,365 schools, which “we returned the service to. Next year we are going to advance in other schools”.

Projection 2023

The president of Cantv stressed that next year they will emphasize the transportation network. Regarding the Fiber Optic Plan, he pointed out: “we have been working on the Fiber Optic Plan, the company has 34,000 kilometers of fiber optics, with this we reach 292 municipalities,” he said.


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