Outsourced workers cut off access to Aeroparque for two hours

Outsourced workers cut off access to Aeroparque for two hours

The outsourced workers ask to be summoned by the Ministry of Labor / Photo: Gustavo Amarelle.

The workers of the GPS company that works for Aerolíneas Argentinas, grouped in the Internal Commission of Outsourced Workers, made a cut in the access to Aeroparque on Costanera avenue to protest “against the attacks” they suffer from the private firm.

Spokesmen for these sectors also denounced that the leadership of the Union of Private Aeronavigation Personnel Union (UPADEP) tries to expel “the delegates who represent them.

“We are denouncing that we were essential and we worked on the front line during the pandemic. Now between the union and the company they are carrying out an attack on the delegates. We are asking the Ministry of Labor and the company Aerolíneas Argentinas to intervene and find a solution. We are 800 workers at Aeroparque and 600 at Ezeiza,” said the delegate of the Internal Commission, Luciano Corradi, in a statement to Télam.

gps workers they cut off the Avenida Costanera during the morningat the Aeroparque Jorge Newbery airport, between 6:30 and 8:30 approximately.

Among the claims is the reopening of joint ventures Photo Gustavo Amarelle
Among the claims is the reopening of joint ventures / Photo: Gustavo Amarelle.

As explained by the Internal Commission, weeks ago the company fired a worker who had had two strokes and then suspended 40 workers for holding an assembly in repudiation of this situation.

“In the midst of this, they are trying to expel the delegates, acting jointly between the GPS company and the UPADEP union,” Corradi said.

He also stated that “they are trying to expel delegates who were democratically elected with 70% of the votes.

Corradi explained that they have already had seven meetings with the Ministry of Labor “without having clear answers”, and they sent a letter to Aerolíneas Argentinas “without obtaining answers.”

Workers denounce persecution against delegates Photo Gustavo Amarelle
The workers denounce persecution against delegates / Photo: Gustavo Amarelle.

“The Ministry should have intimidated months ago that the union call elections for delegates immediately and without proscriptions,” he said.

Finally, through a statement, the workers They stressed the need to “reopen the parities and the collection of the bonus granted by the national government”.

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