Cannabis sales will be worth $ 102 billion in 2026, Mexico defines leadership in 2022

Cannabis sales will be worth $ 102 billion in 2026, Mexico defines leadership in 2022

With the full legalization and regularization of marijuana for adult use, Mexico will become “the largest adult-use cannabis market in the world, in terms of addressable market”; This last term is used to estimate how much market value any company can earn, if there were no competition.

Recently, the Canadian company Xebra Brands told Reuters that “(Mexico) is going to be the main player in the North American market for production (of cannabis) and, probably, also for manufacturing,” because “it has the industrial advantage but it also has a market very large consumer. “

This company is awaiting a resolution from the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks in its favor, in order to begin to exploit the cannabis industry in Mexico. If they do, they estimate that they will have, for at least three years, the entire market for CBD and CBG (Cannabigerol, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid) to their advantage.

In the case of Xebra, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation ruled in his favor “by declaring unconstitutional the system of prohibitions for the planting, cultivation and harvest of cannabis, in its variant hemp, for purposes other than medical and scientific, provided for in the General Health Law and in the Federal Penal Code.”

That is, the economic use of cannabis is not limited to recreational use, but has potential in all medical and scientific aspects that arise from its various assets, the company told Reuters on Friday, December 17.

Considerations for regulating marijuana

The production, industrialization and sale of cannabis products, according to the Prohibition Partners report, will contemplate the following aspects, according to each country:

Restrictions on concessions and number of licenses for production, distribution and sale. Which has a great impact on the ease of access for consumers.



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