Camacho opens process to determine who published decree 373 in the departmental Gazette

Camacho opens process to determine who published decree 373 in the departmental Gazette

The governor Luis Fernando Camacho announced that has opened a process to investigate and determine who uploaded to the Official Gazette decree 373, in which he yielded totributes of first authority to a secretary.

After his arrival at the Viru Viru airport, from Brazil, where he traveled to fulfill a work agenda in Brazil, the authority gave a press conference in which reported on the investigation process that was opened to officials of the Government.

In addition, denounced that there are former officials of the management of Rubén Costas who still have access to the Government system, whom he blames for having uploaded a decree to the Official Gazette that had not been approved.

“Among those who managed the official portal of the Government there were people from the previous administration, who still managed passwords, They are people who are not part of this management and who will also be investigated”, he assured.

Camacho called an emergency cabinet meeting after learning that all the secretaries made their position available. The Governor mentioned that he ratified them all because “they are trustworthy people, irreproachable men and a team of technicians who work with soul, life and heart.”

The governor explained that the controversial decree it was signed at first because it had an agenda to fulfill in the province all week long; however, due to his trip to Brazil, it was decided that Lieutenant Governor Mario Aguilera would fulfill that agenda.

According to Camacho, the reason why delegated to the secretary of Institutional Management, Miguel Ángel Navarro, a series of powers that correspond to the position of the governor was because it was needed that “the normal daily development of the Government continues”. He then mentioned why that decree was not made official.

“It was decided to leave in the first instance the Secretary of Institutional Management some faculties so that the management is not slowed down; however, we decided, in the same way, that the decree was not going, that the secretaries were to fulfill all the agendas to leave the lieutenant governor free to carry out his own agenda”.

“That is why we are concerned about this situation, because they have uploaded to the gazette the information of a decree that should not have been”, added the authority, who attributed the incident to people who seek to destabilize their work.

Beyond the fact that it was decided not to publish it, Camacho ensures that the decree does not “cut off” the powers or powers of the governor in office. “When the governor assumes, as interim, he has all the powers, the delegation as an alternative, for a correct development of his work”, he added.

They dispense with an advisor.

authority too referred to Federico Martínez, the person who accompanied him to Brazil to participate in a congress of governorss and who worked as his adviser since the campaign for the presidency of Bolivia and later in the campaign for the Governorship of Santa Cruz.

“He is a man with a lot of training, with knowledge of handling public affairs. The secretaries, knowing his ability, also asked him for advice. He was not an official of this Governmenthe only went when the secretaries asked him to”, Camacho added and reported that Martínez stopped fulfilling those functions.

“It has been decided that Mr. Federico Martínez He is no longer part as an advisor to the secretaries”, said the governor.

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