Call for a new edition of the Santiago Álvarez In Memoriam Documentary Festival

The Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (Icaic) and the Provincial Directorate of Culture of Santiago de Cuba called on filmmakers from around the world to participate in the 20th International Documentary Festival Santiago Alvarez In Memoriam, to be held from March 3 to 8, 2023, according to official media on the Island.

The organizing committee of the event, which will be held in Santiago de Cubachose the cinema documentary film American independent as the guest cinematography on this occasion, according to a note published on the official Cubadebate site.

They also intend to dedicate “due to its importance and capacity for mobilization in favor of the noblest aspirations of the American people”, a special exhibition of the genre with pieces produced in the northern nation that would be accompanied by filmmakers, personalities and directors of companies linked to audiovisual production adds information.

“We intend to show the Cuban and international public the evolution of this powerful medium, through the exhibition of political, cultural and social works that identify the reality of the world that surrounds us and the commitment of gender with the well-being of humanity,” the statement said. note from the organizing committee.

Filmmakers from any country may compete, who may only submit two works filmed in 35mm, 16mm or digital, on dates after 2016.

According to the rules, the submission of DVD copies of works made in 35 or 16 mm will be accepted. Likewise, all the works must be spoken or subtitled in Spanish and the DVD copies sent must be in the NTSC or PAL system, in DVCAM and Bluray formats.

It also transpired that construction projects will be able to compete cinema documentary, which must be presented with a synopsis and a detailed description of the treatment.

The jury, made up of personalities from cinema and culture, will award the “Santiago Álvarez” Grand Prize and, in addition, a First Prize, Second Prize and Third Prize, as well as prizes in the specialties of direction, script, editing, photography and design. sound, add the post.

For new creators, the jury will award the Best First Feature Award, and a Special Award for the best work produced collectively by filmmakers under 35 years of age.

The organizers announced the holding of parallel exhibitions that will be exhibited in cinemas and video rooms in Santiago de Cuba, Havana and other cultural venues, as well as the development of conferences and theoretical seminars given by important figures of the genre worldwide.

On this occasion the topics to be debated will be: Validity of Santiago Álvarez’s cinema, Aesthetics of Santiago Álvarez’s documentary, and the subjectivity of his cinema.

The publication also highlights that the registration period and for the submission of the works extends until December 15, 2022. The works accepted in the contest will be announced on January 31, 2023

Santiago Álvarez was one of the masters of the documentary in Cuba and Latin America, whose work is marked by a very particular way of conceiving the audiovisual product. Among his most important achievements of the classics Now Y Hanoi, Tuesday 13as well as the broadcasts of the Noticiero Icaic.

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