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Irregular progress in gender parity; lags behind in municipalities

Fabiola Martinez

Newspaper La Jornada
Wednesday, October 12, 2022, p. 8

Although there is progress in terms of parity at the state and national levels, lags persist in the municipalities, as well as a low level of complaints of cases of political violence, councilors and magistrates convened by the National Electoral Institute agreed.

Of 248 people sanctioned for this reason, listed in the corresponding national registry, 91 are public servants who hold a position in a city council.

In 1993, the figure called gender quotas. The first applications generated multiple challenges from political forces that resisted granting half of the candidates to women.

Currently there have been unprecedented cases, for example in the last election in Aguascalientes, in which all the contestants were women.

However, Héctor Salvador Hernández Gallegos, president of the electoral court of that entity, noted that during the electoral process there was also a high level of political violence.

We believed that there would not be such a situation of slander; we had around 79 special sanctioning procedures for political violence, where there was defamation, direct aggression and in which the Superior Chamber had to resolvehe pointed.

During an analysis table on the subject, convened by the National Electoral Institute, Judge Hernández Gallegos lamented the prevalence of slander; however, the positive side was the high participation of women.

The presiding magistrates of the six entities that had elections last June participated in the act, who –with different nuances– highlighted advances in the participation of female candidates in municipal positions, where they had the option of winning, either at the mayoral or council level. , including other historically vulnerable groups.

Meanwhile, other magistrates said that although today we have a Congress of the Union with the most equal integration in history, the trend towards the local points to the need to strengthen that principle, since only 22.1 percent of the municipalities of the country are governed by women.

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