Diosdado Cabello on Pompeo's book: it is the story of a failure

Cabello: The US generates a crisis in the world and then sends its “saviors”

The first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, stressed that the Government of the United States is in charge of generating crises in the world, and then they send their saviors.

“The war has never been waged on North American territory, they generate crises in other countries and then the saviors come to rebuild, they already say that in Ukraine the reconstruction costs 430 billion dollars; and the damage that they have done to the world, how much is it worth”, questioned Cabello during the National Meeting of the Vice Presidency of Training and Ideology of the PSUV.

In this sense, he assured that what happens in Ukraine is the creation of the United States. “Parallel to what they did here in Venezuela in 2014, there they could, not here,” he said, pointing out that if fascism had settled in the country “none of us would be there.”

He stressed that Venezuela is not facing an enemy that is comfortable to face, “we are facing a super-powerful enemy, the most powerful of all time, because we are facing the Spanish empire and we kick them out of here, the most powerful of that time, but today the North American imperialism of all time”.

For this reason, he ratified his support for countries like China, Russia and Iran, which, like Venezuela, are betting on a multipolar world and are “countries that have decided to confront the United States, each with their own particularities.”

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