BROU Enabled Retiree Loans: What’s the Schedule Like?

Banco República (BROU) authorized social loans for liabilities. Around 100,000 retirees and pensioners show up each year to make use of this credit offer.

From Saturday, November 6, those interested can process their loan applications or renewals in Uruguayan pesos exclusively through the eBROU platform. Once the process has been carried out, the accreditation of the funds is immediate in the account that you have in the bank.

The BROU explains in this video how to carry out the procedure on its digital channels step by step.

Those BROU customers who have a card but do not have a password to operate with eBROU They can do it in a simple way by going to a mailbox to request an access PIN to operate through the bank’s website or application. Then, the client will be able to manage the social credit from that platform without having to resort to a physical branch.

Whatsapp and phone

Meanwhile, since November 17, those who charge up to $ 30 thousand nominal monthly They will be able to access loans through the bank’s WhatsApp or by telephone. The liabilities that perceive their passivity in an account of the Banco República and with an account in national currency in their name in which they appear as the sole holder are enabled. This channel will serve until November 30, and then from December 8 to December 21.

Face-to-face care

On the other hand, on November 17, face-to-face service will also begin in branches throughout the country, according to the verification digit of the identity card.


* Liabilities with account

Digits 0 and 1 – 11/17 and 12/8

Digits 2 and 3 – 11/18 and 12/9

Digits 4 and 5 – 11/19 and 12/10

Digits 6 and 7 – 11/22 and 12/13

Digits 8 and 9 – 11/23 and 12/14

* Liabilities without account

Digits 0 and 1 – 11/24 and 12/15

Digits 2 and 3 – 11/25 and 12/16

Digits 4 and 5 – 11/26 and 12/17

Digits 6 and 7 – 11/29 and 12/20

Digits 8 and 9 – 11/30 and 12/21

In addition, from 12/22 to 12/30 inclusive, all liabilities will be taken care of, with or without an account.

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