TSJE proclaims mayor and councilors of Asunción

TSJE proclaims mayor and councilors of Asunción

In an interview with the program Fuego Cruzado on the GEN channel, hosted by Augusto Dos Santos and Benjamín Livieres, the former president of the Republic, Horacio Cartes, analyzed what the municipal elections left behind and pointed out that the open list system was a “tremendous experience.” and an opportunity for young people.

“We as the Colorado Party have an old debt, from the youth elections. This even exceeded the youth elections, they directly participated and entered ”. He highlighted and added that there was a significant number of young councilors who were elected. “The right to compete, to enter the field, today came with open lists,” he added.

He mentioned that one of the factors for the success of the Colorado Party in the municipal elections was the work done with Concordia. “What we perceive is that people are more than rotten from our fights, people do not want to hear more problems, they want solutions,” he said in this regard.

“I am convinced that people want Concordia. The vice president says that Concordia is over, I think his model is over, the tightening tired people. This is so common knowledge. I have no doubts that Concordia does not have to be a movement, but a way of life ”, he stressed.

In that sense, he indicated that one should always seek to avoid fights, since experience indicates that the general elections were reached with “much less injuries.”

“I think the speeches have hit rock bottom. We have to show signs, signs. We don’t have to be afraid to start speaking the language of young people. For example, to produce job training in the sections, ”said the ex-president.


“In my affection and in my vision, the candidate for the Presidency is Santiago Peña. He has character, preparation, he does not have a single reason to put together the best Cabinet that can be put together in Paraguay. He knows the State, he knows each of the institutions, he has the character to do only good, ”said Cartes in relation to the figure of the former Minister of Finance who today is positioned as the candidate of Honor Colorado to compete in 2023.

Likewise, the one who emerges as a possible duo of Peña is the deputy and current president of the ANR, Pedro Alliana, whom he described as a “wonderful boy” and as if he were a member of his family, highlighting his entire career in the Lower House. “The main role that he is going to have to fulfill is to be a nexus of the Executive with the Legislature and with all these recognition. Who is more ideal than him? It is a luxury of a person, a luxury of a leader and a luxury for Paraguay ”, he emphasized.

Cartes stressed that conviction must be focused on understanding the language of young people and providing them with all the answers to go on the right path. “We have to seduce young people with opportunities, opportunities to study and work,” he said.

One of the names mentioned strongly in politics in recent days was that of the soccer player Roque Santacruz. “He is free, he is free. I had the pleasure of meeting him for four years, from 2006 to 2010 prior to the World Cup in South Africa. Roque transcends, he has great charisma. He is a leader, he knows that if he arranges with Olimpia, I don’t want to fight with an institution where I have so many friends, in Libertad he has his place assured if he resolves at Olimpia ”, Cartes said about the possibility of continuing with his football career in gumarelo.

However, the former president indicated that “Roque’s limit is not football.” “I told him that he was formed in a way, he has charisma and credibility, Paraguay will wait for him from the place he likes. It is a luxury for the Republic of Paraguay ”, he commented.


Regarding the possibility of running for the Presidency of the ANR, Cartes said that he owes a “great debt” to the party, since he joined in 2009 it was thanks to the party that arrived as President of the Republic in 2013.

“I want another Colorado Party, I don’t want the Colorado Party to just be a machine. Many join the Colorado Party, because it is a winning party. The Colorado Party has to start giving answers. It is a game that gives a lot of affection, an impressive affection. But just as it covers you, it is also a very demanding match. Through the Colorado Party, it is the best tool for the stability of Paraguay. I feel that the health of Paraguay depends on the health of the Colorado Party. The role played by the Colorado Party is absolutely defining ”, he said.

He also stressed that politics cannot be done without political parties. “It is essential that there are traditional political parties. I would have liked to work in the bipartisanship. When it comes to competing, you compete, but national priorities sit together ”, he added.


The ex-president mentioned that what today “touches” the people is the inflation that is reflected in the prices of the basic family basket.

“We had fuel for until 9:00 in the morning, the box that the country had at that time was finishing. That there are going to be problems, we already know. Instead of looking back, I look ahead. I see the country more competitive to get out of any situation. I feel like people want to come to Paraguay with investments. Those of us who are least aware of the great country we have, are the Paraguayans ”, he analyzed.

Regarding investments, he said that no project that does not touch the social part can be considered as good and that it is essential to guarantee legal security. “We are throwing better signals, but it is missing,” he said.

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