Brazil punishes the 'jogo bonito'

Brazil punishes the ‘jogo bonito’

11/19/2021 at 08:00


If Garrincha played now at the Brasileirao, he would be expelled every weekend for “showing disrespect for the game & rdquor ;. This is the singular argument, made explicit by the referee Ramon Abatti Abel (de Santa Catarina) to admonish the midfielder Mauricio, from Internacional, in the match against Ath. Paranaense.

His ‘sin’ was making an offensive transition by making six hits in a row without letting the ball touch the grass. There were six ’embaixadinhas’, in local slang, made naturally in the 83rd minute when Colorado won 2-1 at home and the match was still open.

The Furacao players reacted like crazy to what they interpreted as a provocation. Among the most disturbed was the side Marcinho, a champion of ethics and good manners who in December ran over a retired couple in Rio de Janeiro (who ended up dying) and fled without giving them help.

The minutes of the Santa Catarina collegiate, who are truly unknown to the general public, would have to be deposited in the collection of the very interesting Museu do Futebol, at the Pacaembu stadium, in Sao Paulo, so that no one would forget such an act of mediocrity.

The card of shame brought suspension, because it was the third warning for Mauricio (A 20-year-old footballer very much to take into account), who could not be against Cuiabá, when his team plays a place in the Libertadores.


The torcedores flooded social networks to express their outrage at what they consider an attempt to castrate the creativity that always characterized Brazilian players. The arbitration action was interpreted as a punishment, a warning, almost a threat, for those who dare to practice the ‘jogo bonito’ in all the depth of dribbling and actions of the Brazilian collective imagination. In France, Neymar Jr. and Lucas Paquetá already saw the yellow for doing ‘lambretas’.

The next day, there was a new launch that increased the debate on the attempt to frame and impose aesthetic limits on those who build. In the Sao Paulo-Flamengo match, Michael, a skilled winger from Rio Negro, controlled a diagonal pass with his heel and both feet suspended. A control “of letter & rdquor ;, in Portuguese, which he usually trains.

Brazil punishes the 'jogo bonito'

Michael had problems with the Sao Paulo players for a spectacular control

| Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo

The current two-time Brasileirao champion was already winning 0-3 in the first half and a tangana was mounted because the Saopaulinos, who until then had not shown an iota of self-love, felt outraged. The referee on this occasion did not admonish the artist. The cariocas would win 0-4 to the former team of Dani alves and Michael, who signed a double, ended up ranking top scorer after scoring six goals in the last five matchdays.

The mass reaction of torcedores and journalists in defense of the ‘jogo bonito’ and what the professor and historian Luiz antonio simas called with the neologism ‘engarrinchamento’ of the game has shown that Brazil wants to preserve the essence of football art, beyond the profile of physical players that it creates to feed the production chain that exports, on demand, to European football.

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