Return of the holiday has congestion points on highways in SP

Booklet gives tips for tourists on road trips

The Ministries of Justice and Tourism launched today (25) a booklet that aims to help tourists, as consumers, who make use of road transport to make their trips.Booklet gives tips for tourists on road trips

The publication, a new edition of the electronic magazine tourist consumeris part of the activities commemorating the 10th anniversary of the National Secretariat for Consumer Protection (Senacon).

Entitled Tourist Consumer – Traveling by Carthis edition joins the three previous editions, all focused on air transport: one on rights that must be observed before travel, and the other two on rights during travel and upon arrival at the destination.

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According to Senacon, the booklet launched today presents information ranging from the best Brazilian tourist spots to where to find a reliable workshop, especially on short-distance routes, a trend towards the resumption of tourist consumption.

“The objective is to offer tips and guidelines that improve consumer relations in the sector. In addition to providing a list with numbers and contacts of federal highways under concession, the booklet comes as a pocket guide for tourist consumers”, explained the Minister of Justice and Public Security (MJSP), Anderson Torres, while highlighting the importance of drivers not to drive under the influence of alcohol and to respect speed limits and road signs.

Among the tips presented in the booklet is to carry out an inspection of the car, in a reliable mechanic shop, with special attention to tires, brakes and suspension. It also alerts the documentation of both the vehicle and the driver, which must always be up to date.

“The publication also aims to clarify doubts about differences and what changes when traveling on federal and state highways, in addition to those granted to the private sector. The latter have, for example, firefighting services, apprehension of animals on the track, medical and mechanical assistance, such as towing, changing tires and assisting injured vehicles”, detailed Senacon.

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