Benian singer and poet Guillermo Chávez dies

Benian singer and poet Guillermo Chávez dies

March 24, 2023, 9:28 PM

March 24, 2023, 9:28 PM

As a “tribute to tenderness, to skin-deep sensitivity, to honey kisses” will be remembered the Benian singer and poet Guillermo Chávez Zambrana, who passed away this Friday, at the age of 57.

Two months ago he suffered a stroke from which he seemed to be recovering. “He was a great father, we will always love him,” said his daughter Paula Chávez, who said that it was a cardiac arrest that ended his life this Friday morning.

The family reported that the wake will be held in the Redentor room (El Trompillo area) and, later, taken to his hometown.

“Today God called you to heaven dear cousin and although you broke our hearts, your legacy as a poet, singer and composer will remain. A pride you will be today and always. I say goodbye to you with a see you later and I know that you will continue playing the arpeggios of your guitar upstairs. Time is always limited to share, but Happiness is the unforgettable moments that feed the soul. Rest in peace,” wrote her cousin Alexandra Loudine.

Chávez Zambrana was the author of three albums.

“He was an excellent person full of dreams and projects. Very literate, wise of traditions and culture. He had beautiful musical compositions, very particular melodies and lyrics,” recalled the singer from Santa Cruz, Guísela Santa Cruz.

Chávez recorded the songs with her happy camp and bullangueros. “In 2010 I recorded on my album Dream a theme of lyrics and music by Guillermo called Looking for you. we also record carnival nights and I love you”, recalled the singer.

Benian singer and poet Guillermo Chávez dies

At the age of 57, the singer and poet passed away.

the late artist has three recordings and published four books of poetry: Wet Soul, contaminate me, intimately and secure.

chavez born in trinidad on November 9, 1965. He graduated as a lawyer from the Gabriel René Moreno Autonomous University and in 2022 took over as municipal director of Heritage, Art and Culture in his city.

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