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Before the start of impeachment, the mayor of the "thousand gauchadas" by Florencio Sanchez

Before the start of impeachment, the mayor of the "thousand gauchadas" by Florencio Sanchez

He “mayor of a thousand gauchadas” headed the municipality of Florencio Sánchez, in the department of Colonia, when at the end of September of last year He was sentenced to three years in prison for the crimes of association to commit crimes in real reiteration, concussion and fraud in relation to behaviors directly related to its management.

Your trial will also involve to his son, to his daughter, and to the daughter-in-law.

According to reports from the Colonia Departmental Board, in the municipality there were overpricing in works that nourished the pockets of its leaders, delivery of baskets in exchange for votes, work for personal benefit with public resources, returns of motorcycles seized by political order .

In his letter of resignation, the mayor, to which he agreed The Observerassured that after the rejection of the SCJ “the appropriate conditions are not given to continue being mayor” in the current period.

Sanchez’s decision It has already been officially communicated to the Constitution and Legislation Commissionwhich awaited the decision of the Supreme Court to define whether to continue with the trial.

“We were waiting for the ruling of the Court to see if it considered it constitutional or not.. The Court did not accept it, with which He gave us the freedom to follow the political trial of Sánchez, his son, his daughter and the daughter-in-law. In that same process, we said that we would dedicate the next session to all the political trials that we have pending,” he explained to The Observer Senator Graciela Bianchi.

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