This would be the tax on mobile phone plans in the country

Be careful! Cyber ​​hoax to steal from those who come from abroad

Be careful! A new form of fraud, by electronic means, to rob those who come from abroad is being investigated by the Judicial Police, through the Colombian Cybersecurity Capacity Center (C-4).

(The methods of fraud and theft through WhatsApp messages).

Cybercriminals send fake email messages, in which they pose as Migration Colombia and they ask them to fill out a personal data form, with the supposed purpose of completing a prerequisite for entering the country.

The authorities reiterate that virtual media are not channels through which entities or companies request information from people.

(Applications that would steal data and download viruses on your cell phone).

The purpose of this practice, according to the National Police, “is to obtain passwords and personal data to seize bank accounts, emails or any platform that is accessed with a username and password.”

1. Banks will never request your personal/financial data such as users, passwords, credit card numbers with their security codes and expiration dates through mail links or calls.

2. Before entering the key in the virtual branch or other platform, verify that it has HTTPS security protocols.

3. Web impersonation applies to any platform that has a username and password.

4. It is important to have an updated antivirus on your Smartphone.

5. Avoid opening spam email messages or clicking on suspicious links.


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