Barrens are used as landfills in Asunción

Barrens are used as landfills in Asunción

In its social networks, the municipality of Asunción, was publishing a series of cleaning jobs carried out in various vacant lots.

“Today, our team from the Risk Management Directorate cleaned up a vacant lot, turned into a clandestine landfill. In the place, several containers with accumulated water were found and more than one truckload of garbage was removed, ”one of the publications read.

Community authorities express their concern, considering that the health situation could worsen even more if dengue cases are added to those of Covid-19.

Federico Mora, chief of staff of the Asunción commune, reported that they carry out work in conjunction with the municipal centers for the prevention of dengue. The work is carried out house by house, to provide cleaning assistance and fumigations in the patios.

“There are very hot and dry seasons that make the perfect setting for the proliferation of dengue,” he warned.

He urged citizens to take into account all measures to prevent both dengue and Covid-19.

“With regard to dengue, we are working in the field. This is a peak season for claims also due to the heat wave ”, he mentioned.


A year ago, the Prosecutor’s Office announced that the maximum fine for owners who have vacant yards functioning as breeding sites is G. 264 million (3000 minimum wages). In addition, they are exposed to prison terms of up to five years.

Regarding the report of dengue cases, according to the Ministry of Health, they register about 300 notifications of suspicious pictures per week. Of which, 100 correspond to Central and 50 to Asunción.

Federico Mora.

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