Banconal breaks record and grants B/.351.2 million in mortgage loans in 2022

Breaking the record in terms of mortgage loan disbursements, this is how the National Bank of Panama (Banconal) closed the year 2022 with the historic figure of B/.351.2 million, an amount that exceeds B/.41.7 million to B/.309.5 million disbursed at the end of 2021, in this line. In percentage terms it represents a growth of 13.5%.

In this sense, it is necessary to highlight that more than 6,000 families throughout the national territory have benefited from these mortgage facilities, which means an increase of 20% if we compare it with the 5,089 families that crystallized their dream of owning a home in 2021.

”As the main bank in the country, we are extremely committed to the economic reactivation of Panama and the comprehensive growth of our society. That is why we have intensified our support for the thousands of families who need their own home to build their homes”, said Javier Carrizo Esquivel, General Manager of Banco Nacional de Panamá.

It is worth noting that at the end of 2022 Banconal’s mortgage portfolio ended with a balance of B/. 1,972.5 million. “If we compare this amount with the B/. 1,687.3 million reached at the end of 2021, represents a growth of 16.9%”, added Carrizo Esquivel.

It is important to point out that this transcendental growth also demonstrates the Bank’s commitment to the economic reactivation of the construction sector, Banconal being a strategic ally of housing development companies. “We have added to our business area, the interim loan service with which we continue to cement our support for the housing construction sector, which directly benefits families looking for a place to live”, said Carrizo Esquivel.

“A house provides stability and security to families. This is why we spare no effort to help Panamanians fulfill this long-awaited dream, always aligned to our Strategic Map that is framed in the Majesty of the Client ”, added the banker.

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