Administrador Bagrícola pide no preocuparse por liberación de aranceles

Bagrícola Administrator asks not to worry about the release of tariffs

The administrator of Agricultural bankFernando Durán, considered that no productive sector should be concerned about President Luis Abinader’s decision to free tariffs for 6 months the importation of various agricultural products.

The official indicated that all imports of agricultural goods must be authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and are not automatic.

He expressed a commission, integrated by presidential decree, is evaluating and certifying the import needs of agricultural products that the country has.

“They are not automatic imports. All imports go through a permit process. Anyone who is going to import an agricultural good has to request a permit from agriculture,” Duran specified.

He defended the measure saying that “this is a government that privileges national production, but has to guarantee that there is supply, that the lack of some food does not harm consumers.”

In another order, Durán revealed that the Agricultural Bank will stop receiving some RD$7,000 million due to the 6-month postponement of the capital payment to that credit institution. He welcomed the measure by saying that it will benefit some 22,000 agricultural producers.

“It is a significant contribution from the president at a time of difficulties,” he said, after recalling that the Agricultural Bank is not an institution that receives profits from its operations.

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