IDB "looks good" to Uruguay and aims to increase exports by US$ 6,000 million

From the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) be seen Uruguay with great growth opportunities in the current global context and point to the country managed to increase its exports by more than US$ 6,000 million.

In a conversation organized by the IDB, its president, Mauricio Claver-Carone, spoke with several Latin American journalists. In that sense, she said that Uruguay “always looks good” and highlighted the role that the country is playing –and particularly the Minister of Economy and Finance, Azucena Arbeleche – on issues of gender equality and climate change.

On the other hand, he reported that the IDB will be holding an investment event for the private sector by the end of 2022 on Uruguay and that from the organism They have identified more than 250 projects to promote investment.

If these projects could capture 10% of the imports of these products that the US makes from the Americas and that Uruguay already exports, it would increase its exports by more than US$ 6,000 million.”, he explained.

Within the areas in which there can be potential investments, Claver-Carone highlighted the knowledge-based services such as audiovisuals, software, distance training, analytics and marketing.

He also referred to the pharmaceutical industry and in thinking of Uruguay as a “general distribution hub”. In addition, he pointed out the biotechnologythe clinical research and the drug production. To the group of sectors with great potential, he added forestpointing to the wood, cellulose and derived products.

“At the event we hope to be able to work more surgically on these issues, we will be inviting investors and if we get those US$ 6,000 million it would be a great impact for the development of the country”, said the head of the IDB.

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

The controversy over his election and what he has done so far

Claver-Carone is a lawyer by profession and he was an adviser to the government of Donald Trump, who promoted his candidacy. He holds the position for the period 2020-2025. Uruguay was within the block of 23 countries that supported his candidacy.

The appointment of Claver-Carone as head of the IDB was not without controversy since broke with the 60-year tradition of Latin Americans leading that institution. In turn, his closeness to Trump generated reluctance in several countries such as Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica and Mexico.

Even in Uruguay he did not have unanimous support since, although President Luis Lacalle Pou supported his candidacy, the then Foreign Minister Ernesto Talvi and the Secretary General of the Colorado Party, Julio María Sanguinetti, did not support him.

When asked about this controversy, the president of the IDB maintained that it is an issue that already “he doesn’t even remember” since the discussions during the elections “end with the choice”. Along these lines, he said that managing him “speaks for itself” since last year the bank reached record funding of US$23.5 billionit was achievedlargest private sector fundraiser in history” and it was a “record year in co-financing mobilizations”.

Claver-Carone understands that fulfilled what was promised during the electoral campaign that he carried out. “Since co-financing to the private sector was going to go from 40 cents to US$ 1 at parity with financing. In addition, I am the only president in the history of this institution to close with more than US$ 20,000 million in financing.“, said.

And I add: “I had said that the new normal for this bank should be $20 billion. Last year we closed with US$23.5 billion when before my presidency the bank’s financing average was between US$14 billion and US$17 billion. The support we have provided to countries speaks for itself”, he highlighted.

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