Dina Boluarte was unaware of the early election initiative: "It was something that Torres discussed with the president"

Dina Boluarte was unaware of the early election initiative: “It was something that Torres discussed with the president”

The Vice President of the Republic, warned that the bill that proposes an early general election was not put up for debate in the but it was a point addressed between the president and the prime minister, .

The message that the president gave yesterday was the one that was approved by the Council of Ministers. In any case, she was not aware of that final point. [adelanto de elecciones] because they have not informed us”, He acknowledged in dialogue with the press.

Surely it was something that the prime minister discussed with the president, but what we have approved is what the president said yesterday in Congress to the entire Peruvian people”, added the also Minister of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis).

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Asked about his position regarding an eventual advancement of presidential, vice-presidential and congressional elections, Boluarte Zegarra indicated that it is “a probability within the legal framework”.

Last Tuesday, the head of the Ministerial Cabinet, Hannibal Torresexplained that the head of state backed down on his intention to announce a legislative initiative to bring forward the general elections, in order to achieve “a last attempt to arrange” with Congress.

Analyzing the situation, the president said: we are democrats, let’s make the last attempt to agree with the different forces in Congress, it may be that we will achieve it, let’s not lose hope, doctor, he told me”, he narrated.

That claim to promote an early election was questioned by congressmen from different parliamentary benches.

It’s one more threat because it’s not just insults. For example, yesterday the same president of the Council of Ministers abruptly called those who approve of the vacancy ‘coup slop’”, warned Patricia Juárez (Popular Force) in an interview with RPP.

For her part, Lady Camones (Alliance for Progress) pointed out that the presence of Torres Vásquez in the Executive is not favorable to achieving consensus between both powers of the State.

In his style, absolutely irresponsible and confrontational, what Prime Minister Aníbal Torres said, after the message, does not help the Executive at all, and even less will it help to achieve consensus. Opportunities are given by correcting mistakes, Mr. Prime Minister”, Camones wrote on social networks.


Peru21TV spoke with the congressman of the Alliance for Progress Roberto Chiabra, about the censorship of the Minister of Health Hernán Condori and the complacent attitude of Congress, contrary only a few weeks ago.

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