Ayotzinapa case: GIEI doubts the originality of WhatsApp messages

Ayotzinapa case: GIEI doubts the originality of WhatsApp messages

Two members of the GIEI will leave the country

This October 31 concludes the extension of the period requested by members of the GIEI. Two of its members will remain in the country, but two more will leave the investigation for at least two months.

“The group has made the decision to propose to the Mexican authorities, to the IACHR and to the relatives and representatives, a transitory measure that two of its members continue with the development of the mandate, while two others withdraw from the case. Said decision It is in principle for the next two months while a global evaluation of the case is carried out and the situation of the relatives is followed up,” reported Angela Buitrago.

The two members who will remain at the head of the Group are Ángela Buitrago and Francisco Cox, while Claudia Paz y Paz and Carlos Beristain will retire.

In a joint statement, the members of the GIEI warned that the rush to deliver results has caused a crisis.

“In an attempt to expedite the results of the case without due investigative steps being taken to do so, have led to a crisis situation in the capacity of investigative entities, independence and confidence in the results of the investigation and a lack of knowledge of the GIEI’s own role in international technical assistance”, stated Carlos Beristain.

They asked to return to the path of a serious investigation that would allow the parents of the 43 disappeared youths from Ayotzinapa to be answered.

“In Ayotzinapa, the credibility of the institutions is at stake. Mexico has an opportunity to show that political will, together with the independence and consistency of the investigation, are decisive for the justice that the relatives demand in this case and in thousands of others that have taken place.” given in the country, but above all a dignified response is played in the face of the pain and suffering of relatives who have been beaten so many times not only by the facts but also by the distorted versions or the lies about them,” they said.

Despite not having certain originality of the messages, experts maintain that the investigation is strong.

“Despite what has been said these weeks, the investigation is sufficiently strengthened, it has achieved, through irrefutable evidence, to put an end to the inconsistency and lies of the so-called Historical Truth,” they affirmed.

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