Avenida Paulista will have panels with works by Portinari

Avenida Paulista will have panels with works by Portinari

This Sunday (20), 26 panels with reproductions of the work of painter Candido Portinari will be installed on Avenida Paulista. The open-air exhibition is an invitation to the MIS Experience Portinari para Todos, which opens in March at the Museum of Image and Sound (MIS). Avenida Paulista will have panels with works by Portinari

The screens, which will measure 1.5m wide by 2m high, will occupy the central bed of the entire avenue, between Praça Oswaldo Cruz and Rua Haddock Lobo. The installation has been approved by the Urban Landscape Protection Commission (CPPU).

The exhibits at MIS are known for allowing for immersive, sensory experiences. “We work with innovative technology. We work with technical resources that allow us, for example, to reproduce Portinari’s works in large dimensions”, said Marcos Mendonça, director general of MIS. High resolution projection technology will be used.

fantastic resolution

He stated that many of Portinari’s works are murals or cannot be transported due to their size. “We will provide the public with access to these works at a fantastic level of resolution. You will not only be seeing the works, you will be immersing yourself in them, you will be inside the works. It’s a feeling that even when you’re face to face with the original work you don’t have because it’s something that digital projection technology allows us to do,” he explained.

The exhibition at MIS will be divided into three exhibition areas. In the first, with seven interactive installations, visitors will learn more about the artist’s life. Afterwards, the public enters the Portinari Imenso room, with the projection of the works on a monumental scale. The third space presents Portinari’s collection and his relationship with the country’s culture and history.

“[Portinari] is the painter from Brazil. He painted, portrayed Brazil and, within this philosophy and due to his quality, he managed to take Brazil abroad”, said Mendonça. He stressed the painter’s historical importance, but also his characteristic of a social look.

“He has a large number of paintings depicting the Brazilian worker; he has something that is everyday, that is, he paints his childhood and, when painting this childhood, Portinari reproduces the toys and landscapes of his childhood in the city of Brodowski (SP)”, he analyzed. The exhibition Portinari para Todos is curated by Marcello Dantas.

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