Attack with explosives in Cúcuta leaves three injured

Attack with explosives in Cúcuta leaves three injured

An attack with a grenade on a taxi company in the Cundinamarca neighborhood, in the heart of the downtown area of ​​Cúcuta, It left three people injured, who were transferred to a care center.

According to the authorities, a fragmentation grenade was left in the commercial premises that in turn serves as a car wash, at a time that was highly traveled and where there were moments of panic.

the lieutenant colonel Francisco Narváez, deputy commander of the Cúcuta Metropolitan Police, He assured that once the facts occurred, a special team moved to the place to attend to the situation.

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“We arrived at the place and verified that there was material evidence that would show that it was an explosive device and therefore the service protocols for the company and residents of the sector are activated,” said the official.

In addition, he pointed out that they are on the trail of those responsible for this criminal action that left material damages.

On the other hand, witnesses of the fact assured that the explosion generated fear among the community at a time when businesses in the sector are highly visited.

“We were going through the laundry when we heard the bombing and the screams. The situation is very delicate, It’s scary to go out,” said one of the witnesses to the event.

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Last February, an attack with explosives was recorded in a commercial premises, where a beauty salon operated, which left several people injured. He attack that would have been perpetrated by the transnational criminal gang AK-47.

The authorities in the metropolitan area of ​​Cúcuta they have intensified the operations to mitigate the criminal actions of various armed groupss that have a strong presence in the border area.

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