Economy Minister no: Bergara seeks to detach himself from Astori's role in FA governments and aspires to the political game

Astesiano chats: Bergara explained why he canceled meeting with prosecutor Fossati

Bergara, Carrera, and the rest of the Broad Front assured that the request to Astesiano was a attempted “political espionage” with the aim of “extorting” to the two senators, who had filed the criminal complaint for the signing of the agreement between the government and the Belgian company Katoen Natie.

This Sunday Fossati explained –through a Twitter thread– that Bergara and Carrera canceled, for various reasons, a meeting he had called. “Bergara cancelled. Carrera postponed it” wrote the prosecutor.

Given these statements, Bergara clarified what was the reason for making that decision. As he argued she, she understood prudent postpone the meeting with Fossati because That same afternoon, both he and Carrera were going to have a meeting with the court prosecutor, Juan Gómez., to “propose” that the request to create files with personal information about both be processed “separately”.

We estimated the need for the meeting with the prosecutor Fossati to be postponed, in order to have the meeting with the attorney general first.”Bergara noted in a Twitter thread.

Previously, according to the leader of Fuerza Renovadora, the prosecutor had left him a message “proposing his interest in having a conversation,” as well as with Carrera. “It did not have, at least in my case, the formality of a summons to appear. I returned his call and indeed we agreed to meet.”

And he added that, as the prosecutor told him, his interest was to know if he or Carrera had “more information about what was in the chats” and convey to them their “perspective” of how the investigation is being carried out. At the first consultation, Bergara replied that he had no further information to provide.

“His express intention was to bring us peace of mind, since we had publicly raised some concerns on the subject. The conversation ran in those terms. In it, he informed me that he had opened a separate case for our case,” Bergara continued.

With all these elements on the table – the lack of information to expand on the issue of the chips and the meeting already agreed with Gómez – Bergara understood that the meeting with Fossati “lost meaning”, because the subject had also been dealt with “by telephone”.

“I understand that it is essential to complement the information so that the false perception that we were not willing to attend a prosecutor’s summons. Quite the contrary,” he added.

“Not only are we willing to attend at any time, but we We believe it is essential that the prosecution act independently and efficiently to clarify what happened and determine the corresponding responsibilities,” he concluded.

“No one has a crown”

Bergara had pointed out in Informativo Carve that it’s a very bad sign that Fossati had agreed not to have access to the chats between the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou and Astesiano. “The president has a crown and it will not be investigated, even if it had emerged from the chats, who knows what,” said the legislator.

For his part, Carrera asked that the investigation be carried out by another prosecutor and not by Fossati.

By the way, the prosecutor asked him to convey to the public prosecutor’s office spokesman that “nobody has crown in the investigation” and on Twitter he asked prudence “especially to those who have an impact on public opinion”. It was then that Fossati recalled that both senators had been summoned to the Prosecutor’s Office on Thursday morning to the Prosecutor’s Office. “Bergara cancelled. Carrera postponed it”he assured.

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