Association of Women Winemakers requests to avoid tax increases

Association of Women Winemakers requests to avoid tax increases

Concern is what the Association of Women Winemakers (AGREMUB) has shown in the face of the possible indexing of the something that would make to various products is increased, which would make the prices of the products traded by the sector more expensive.

They made this known in a statement, where they also thanked the Ministry of Economy for taking into account that the political crisis and inflation have caused small and micro businesses, such as wineries, to be the ones that are most affected.

“We reiterate our concern about a possible indexation of the Selective Consumption Tax and we request not to update the fixed amounts of the ISC for this 2023, so that a tax increase is not caused and this generates that the products we sell in our businesses continue to become more expensive ”, they maintain in the statement.

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“The entrepreneurs who are dedicated to the winery business have registered losses that today reach approximately 200 million soles, as a result of violence and political chaos. An increase in the prices of the products we sell would alienate our customers and many of us would be forced to close”, they add.

Likewise, they remember that there are more than 512 thousand families dedicated to micro and small businesses in the country, which have been recovering from the recession generated by the pandemic and today are facing a new crisis due to the social and political situation that the country.

“From the Association of Women Winemakers of Peru (AGREMUB), we reiterate our call for our situation to be taken into account and to recover the economy that will lift the country out of the crisis. Together we can do it”, they conclude.


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