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Assemblies of Morena in six entities, without major incidents

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Newspaper La Jornada
Monday, August 22, 2022, p. 5

The election of local Morena leaders took place this Sunday in Sonora, Colima, Sinaloa, Puebla, Tabasco and Coahuila, where the processes took place without major incidents. Only in this last entity, militants demanded the resignation of Tanech Sánchez, delegate in that state; of Diego del Bosque, state leader and who was re-elected yesterday, and of Mario Delgado, national president of the party.

With banners and slogans, they blamed them for impeding the advance of said political institute and described the plebiscite held as a farce, arguing that it did not adhere to the statutes. Néstor Lozoya, founder of Morena in Coahuila, stated: This process was rigged and disjointed.

In Tabasco, during the assembly of state councilors, Tey Mollinedo Cano, former mayor of the municipality of Teapa, was elected with 30 votes as the new state leader, replacing Pedro Hernández, who is acting as interim. In the ownership of the State Political Council was César Raúl Ojeda Zubieta, Morena’s delegate in Morelos.

In Puebla, the renewal process culminated with the integration of a State Executive Committee (CEE) related to Governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta, since the eight portfolios that were distributed remained in the power of leaders close to him.

The presidency of the CEE was won by the licensed local deputy Olga Lucía Romero Garci-Crespo, while Agustín Guerrero Castillo, former leader of the Party of the Democratic Revolution in Mexico City, remained in the general secretariat.

In Colima, militants elected Julio César León Trujillo as state leader and Guillermo Toscano Reyes as president of the Political Council.

The licensed federal deputy Merary Villegas Sánchez will head the CEE of the icing party in Sinaloa and Manuel de Jesús Guerrero Verdugo the general secretary for the period 2022-2025.

With votes from the 30 delegates, Zaira Iturbe Quirarte won unanimously as the new leader in Nayarit. The state congress had the endorsement and presidency of former federal deputy Alejandro Viedna Velázquez, representing Mario Delgado.

In Sonora, the state assembly – made up of 70 councilors (35 women and 35 men) – appointed María del Rayo Gaytán Sánchez as president of the CEE and she will be the first woman to hold this position. David Mendoza Ruiz was elected as head of the state council.

Meanwhile, the EWC of Querétaro was made up of Rufina Benítez as president and Israel Alejandro Pérez as general secretary.

With information from Leopoldo Ramos, Juan Carlos Flores, Irene Sánchez, Cristian Díaz, Luis Martín Sánchez, Cristina Gómez, René Alberto López, Mariana Chávez and Lto the Journey of the East

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