ARP calls for better fuel analysis

ARP calls for better fuel analysis

As a measure to reduce the price of fuel, the National Economic Team (EEN) announced that Petropar will lower type 3 diesel and 93 gasoline by G. 500 per liter starting today, Thursday. The measure will last 30 days (from March 17 until April 16).

In addition to this, they presented the bill for the “Fuel Price Stabilization Fund”. This initiative seeks the approval of a loan of US$ 100 million to be able to materialize the reduction of another G. 500 of the two types of fuels already mentioned. In addition, it establishes the reduction of the same amount for private sector fuels, although this is not yet defined.

The loan will be contracted from the Development Finance Agency (AFD). The objective is that said sum be paid in the medium term by the benefited users themselves. For example; the Selective Tax on the Consumption of type three diesel is G. 680 per liter. It was left at G. 430 with the latest measurements. When the price of barrels of oil stabilizes, it will return to the amount of G. 680 plus an additional G. 100 to be able to pay off the loan.

Now it is in the hands of Congress. It is expected that the Senate will deal with it today, although at the end of the edition, this was not yet confirmed.


Pedro Galli, head of the Rural Association of Paraguay (ARP), stated that they want to thoroughly analyze the implications of what was resolved by the Government. He said that it is necessary to stop the escalation of claims through pressure, affecting the rest of the citizenry.

“I do not consider it healthy to negotiate under pressure because nothing that can come out of it will be sustainable over time. Measures must be taken with a well-done analysis. That it is not a mortgage so that later we end up paying more expensive, ”she warned.

He said that they are satisfied with the Government’s measures in the sense that they seek to restore calm. Since, if this situation worsens, there will be no more measure that can be reversed.

“The issue of setting the price of fuel and the business itself must be done under clear and transparent rules. We know that there is an increase worldwide. Paraguay, being in a market economy, is not exempt from the fluctuation of prices”, she pointed out.

Finally, he said that the composition of the price of fuel must be carefully analyzed and evaluated where it can be improved so that it does not affect citizens so much.

“We are not satisfied with the actions of the Government. But at this time we must put cold cloths. It is not the way to solve through violence and pressure because an agreement like this will not be reached, ”he concluded.

Pedro Galli, president of the ARP.

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