Arequipa: They bury a murdered miner in Atico, after a year and 10 months (VIDEO)

Arequipa: They bury a murdered miner in Atico, after a year and 10 months (VIDEO)

The miner Edwin Yoni Guerrero Ramoswho was shot to death in the first attack on the artisanal mining center Calpa Reborn in the district of the December 2, 2020was finally buried by his relatives in the province of Caravelí, after a year and 10 months.

After the attack on the camp, presumably at the request of the Intigold Mining concessionaire, the miner’s family and friends missing young manwho worked in the area for several years.

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Their body was found only on May 8, 2022, 17 months after his disappearance and the tireless search undertaken by his family and a month before the last attack on Calpa Renace, where .

However, there was no certainty that the body was the missing young man, so the The body was admitted to the Arequipa morgue.

Calpa Renace miners fire Edwin Yoni Guerrero Ramos in Caravelí

just this week, 5 months later of the finding, it was possible to corroborate with the results of the DNA that the rThese bones belong to Edwin Yoni Guerrero Ramos. The relatives transferred the body to Caravelí, where they gave him the respective burial, but not before demanding justice for his death.

The young man’s mother said goodbye to her son with emotional words, recalling the strengths of the man, amid applause from his colleagues from Calpa Renace.


They bury a murdered miner in Atico, after more than a year
Miner Edwin Yoni Guerrero Ramos was killed in December 2020, during the first attack on the Calpa mining center reborn in Atico

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