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June 17, 2022
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APRE, ready again to participate as a “mosquito” in the municipal votes of Ortega

APRE, ready again to participate as a "mosquito" in the municipal votes of Ortega

The collaborationist political party Alianza por la República (APRE) presented its pre-candidates for the Mayor’s Office of Managua and candidates for the disputed municipal elections in Nicaragua, which will be held on November 6, 2022.

One of the pre-candidates who intends to compete for the Mayor’s Office of Managua is the former presidential candidate for that party, Gerson Gasparin, one of the candidates who received the fewest votes in the 2021 presidential electoral farce.

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In interview with Article 66, Gasparín expressed that what motivates him to compete is «the service: the important thing is to serve the people. My country has spent more than 4 years with politicians who have not responded to the people, that is why we have to emerge young people and make a difference, “says the politician who belongs to an openly Sandinista family from Matagalpa.

Faced with the questioning that these municipal elections —like the presidential ones in 2021— will be a farce and fraud, the candidate said that “if we want change, what we have to do is not remain static and not only criticize and judge the that we truly want change”, without daring to criticize the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega, whose mandate was extended for five more years, with the complicity of collaborators such as APRE.

He points out that the opposition is responsible for Ortega remaining in power

In reference to opponents and politicians who decided to go into exile due to the persecution of the Ortega regime, the 30-year-old former presidential candidate pointed out that “it is nice to be in another country, in a five-star hotel, saying X or Y things, but what It is difficult to walk in the municipalities and regions, meeting with the people and offering the option of change, ”he said, again, pretending to exculpate the dictator who oxygenates the APRE.

He also came out in defense of these elections, assuring that this year’s municipal elections are “totally” different from the presidential ones. “There is no leader or candidate here (…) In these elections, political ideologies do not figure much, but people do and we have good candidates.”

Gerson Gasparín bets on being the candidate for mayor of the collaborationist APRE. Photo: Article 66 / Noel Miranda. File, Archive

On the other hand, Gasparín accused opposition groups that have questioned the elections carried out by Daniel Ortega and that called in 2021 not to vote after the regime imprisoned seven presidential candidates.

“People are seeing that it is useless not to go to vote because with that campaign that some media carried out so that no one would go to vote, they managed to get the Sandinista Front to have a majority of votes in the National Assembly and it is removing a bit of NGOs from those people who did the dirty campaign for us”, without mentioning that despite not exceeding 1% of Ortega’s appointment, the APRE pocketed public money for the “electoral reimbursement” of which they do not even report the exact amount or the use that was made of it. they gave

Nevertheless, Claudia Romerowho participated in the November 2021 electoral farce as a vice-presidential candidate with Gasparín, recently denounced that she was “used” by APRE to enrich the organization’s president, Carlos Canales.

Romero told the digital media Nicaragua Investiga that the Alliance for the Republic (APRE), “It is a garbage party, mosquito and that deceives people » and that the party obtained reimbursement from the Supreme Electoral Council but did not pay the candidates the money invested.

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Gerson Gasparín, Originally from Terrabona, Matagalpa, is one of the youngest pre-candidates presented by political parties aligned with the Ortega and Rosario Murillo regime.

After the presidential elections, where dictator Daniel Ortega won “the victory,” Gerson tried to avoid pointing out whether the regime won through fraud. “What I know is that he (Daniel Ortega) is in charge in Nicaragua, he is the one who has political power in Nicaragua, what else am I going to say?” the candidate expressed uneasily.

APRE, ready again to participate as a "mosquito" in the municipal votes of Ortega
This was the APRE presidential ticket. Photo: Article 66 / Noel Miranda

So far, APRE has only elected municipal candidates at the departmental level. The Managua candidate will be elected once they call for lessons.

The APRE, led by Carlos Canales, criticized for being aligned with the Daniel Ortega dictatorship, announced that it had signed alliances with the Social Christian Party, led by Fanor Avendaño, and the political movements Together for Change and United Political Dissidents.

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