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APF: OVS refused to be a candidate and advocates the permanence of Harrison

Robert Harrison’s decision not to appear again for a new period at the head of the local matrix made the board move.

In this sense, there had been speculation about the possibility that a recognized and experienced leader would assume the position, with prior consensus. Although many did not believe it, the honorary president of Olimpia, Oscar Vicente Scavone, was mentioned, and he ended up confirming that he rejected such an offer.

“There was an unofficial poll to be a candidate for the presidency, but it was clear that he did not want to,” the businessman released today in a chat with Versus radio.

He explained that he made it known that he considers himself definitely out of sports activity and only remains available to the club of his loves. “I am not going to return to leadership activity, but I will always be by Olimpia’s side, only Olimpia,” he settled on that side.

OVS believes that Robert Harrison “is the right person to continue working with”, because “there must be stability for the clubs”.

At another point, the OVS enjoys the great moment that Julio César Cáceres’ team managed to consolidate after starting the season with all the odds against it.

A short team with a lot of young blood that fights in the Apertura tournament, scored a historic superclásico and entered the Group Phase of the Libertadores, without a hitch. For OVS, the physical trainer Elvio Paolorosso bears part of the responsibility for him. “He has made a very important contribution since his arrival, he is for the high competition in South America”, he said.

At the moment, all fingers point to Miguel Figueredo, former president of Sol de América, as one option from the ruling bloc to reach the most respected chair in Guarani football.

The entrance APF: OVS refused to be a candidate and advocates the permanence of Harrison was first published in diary TODAY.

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