Animal Welfare rescued dogs from irregular breeding

Yesterday afternoon, the National Institute for Animal Welfare (INBA) rescued 25 dogs from an irregular farm located in Colón, after the owner of the place was denounced through videos on social networks. Given the facts, the executive director of INBA, Marcela Delgado, informed the communication medium Underlined that the video shows the mistreatment of animals and assesses what other administrative sanctions would correspond.

“The institute has not only the seizure of animals, it may also have the prohibition of possession and there could be fines of up to 500 UR,” he explained.

On the other hand, Delgado indicated that the woman was “very collaborative” after being consulted about her attitude. Regarding the dogs, they were transferred to homeless animals, where they will try to recover them and then put them up for adoption. Homeless Animals has more than a thousand animals to adopt and is maintained with the collaboration of all Uruguayans.

People who have kennels must comply with Law 18,471 and the regulatory decrees, the dogs must have the chip, registered in the national registry of pets and in the registry of service providers.

Laura Méndez, a member of the organization, said that less than a month ago an “extreme” case occurred in a house where 28 dogs were seized. Others have been made with the help of INBA. Juan Echevarría said that they work thanks to the month-to-month collaboration of “thousands and thousands of people.”

Those interested can collaborate: members of Antel by message to 24200 with the word friends, to donate 10 pesos.

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