An orange alert is in effect for the north of the country due to heavy rains

There is a double meteorological alert announced by the Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology (Inumet) for this Friday morning: an orange and a yellow alert for the center and north of the country due to strong storms and heavy rain.

It is due to an atmospheric disturbance associated with a moist and “unstable” air mass. In the affected areas, heavy rains, hail, intense electrical activity and strong gusts of wind could be recorded.

The main towns affected by the orange alert are:

Artigas: The whole department.

Paysandu: drums.

Rivera: The whole department.

Jump: Albisu, Arapey, Belén, Biassini, Cayetano, Cerro de Vera, Colonia 18 de Julio, Colonia Itapebí, Constitución, Fernández, Garibaldi, Itapebí, Lluveras, Migliaro, Puntas de Valentín, Quintana, Rincón de Valentín, San Antonio, Sarandí de Arapey , Saucedo and Arapey Hot Springs.

Tacuarembo: Ansina, Arerungua, Balneario Iporá, Caraguata, Clara, La Hilera, La Pedrera, Las Toscas, Paso Bonilla, Paso del Cerro, Pueblo de Arriba, Pueblo de Barro, Punta de Carretera, Sauce de Batoví, Tacuarembó and Tambores.

The main towns affected by the yellow alert are:

Long Hill: Aceguá, Arévalo, Hipodromo neighborhood, La Vinchuca neighborhood, López Benítez neighborhood, Bañado de medina, Cerro de las Cuentas, Esperanza, Fraile Muerto, Isidoro Noblía, La Pedrera, Melo, Quebracho, Ramón Trigo, Toledo, Tres Islas and Tupambaé.

Peach: Blanquillo and La Paloma.

Paysandu: Beisso, Cerro Chato, Chapicuy, Constancia, Gallinal, Guayabos, Guichón, Lorenzo Geyres, Merinos, Quebracho and Termas de Guaviyú.

Jump: Salto and Termas del Daymán.

Tacuarembo: Achar, Cerro Chato, Cuchilla de Peralta and San Gregorio de Polanco.

Thirty-three: Santa Clara de Olimar.

The status of the alert will be updated at 08:50.

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