Amarilla resorts to Justice to avoid being disrespected

Amarilla resorts to Justice to avoid being disrespected

Last Monday, March 28, Judge Darío Javier Báez communicated via note, to the Chamber of Deputies, the initiation of a lawsuit against Deputy Celeste Amarilla (PLRA). This is due to the complaint of slander, defamation and insult presented by the red deputy (chartist) Cristina Villalba.

The legislator gave a press conference, prior to the session of deputies, where she stressed that no parliamentarian could be prosecuted for their statements.

“Judge Báez had to reject this request in limine (from the beginning) and not give rise to the complaint as he did. He had to read article 191 of the National Constitution. If it had been another criminal type, I would have made my privileges available, but this is the only guarantee we have. We can say what ordinary citizens cannot say. That is the spirit of being a legislator,” he said.

He pointed out that precisely article 191 was drafted so that legislators are free to express their opinions. He announced that if his immunity is approved, he will resort to his lawyers.

“This is an aberration and will lay the groundwork to censor more parliamentarians,” he said.

Article 191 of the National Constitution (CN) explains that no member of Congress can be prosecuted for the opinions issued in the performance of their duties.

Amarilla denounced before the plenary session of the Lower House about alleged links that Villalba maintains with organized crime. He used newspaper publications as evidence.

Basilio “Bachi” Núñez, national deputy for the ANR (chartist), questioned on social networks that Duarte Cacavelos had sued Víctor Bogado at the time when he was a senator. This after questioning the late Franklin Boccia, (husband of Amarilla). In other words, he questions that at the time he did not take into account article 191 of the National Constitution and now he does.

Guillermo Duarte Cacavelos, the legislator’s lawyer, stated that this issue violates article 191 of the CN. He affirmed that they will request via a note that this ruling that sent the complaint to the Chamber of Deputies be revoked.

“It is not a request for expulsion, it is a request for immunity. To submit to criminal proceedings, it is clearly part of political measures of one sector against another that are in permanent bid, ”he pointed out.

He finally said that this will leave a dangerous judicial and parliamentary precedent if it is approved.

“This is inadmissible and is prohibited by the National Constitution. The lawsuit against Víctor Bogado was not related to his legislative work. Bogado at the time attributed a punishable act to a deceased and that was in the framework of a criminal proceeding, when he was already out of court, “he concluded.

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