Alleged murderer accuses engineer's wife: "She told me she wanted to get rid of him"

Alleged murderer accuses engineer’s wife: “She told me she wanted to get rid of him”

Since a bullet pierced his heart and lung, the police suspected that the murderers knew their victim. The strange attitude of his partner, Milagros Limaymanta, made the detectives presume that someone close to him was involved in the murder of the engineer Abdiel Castellanos De la Cruz (27) and they were not wrong. As witnesses were questioned, and messages reviewed, it was discovered that He knew more than he said. When she was surrounded, she revealed that Kenyu Tomas Suárez, with whom she had a love relationship 2 years ago, could be involved.

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On Tuesday, members of the Divincri Huancayo captured Kenyu when he was going to meet with Milagros to allegedly flee together to Lima, then to Italy. The detainee ended up confessing that he paid 5 thousand soles to kill his rival. “She (Milagros) told me that she wanted to get rid of him because she was causing him problems, she no longer wanted to continue with him,” she said to the astonishment of the police officers.

Downcast, but without remorse, Kenyu Tomás explained that his stepfather Ángel Cuadrado contacted him with the hitman with whom they planned the crime. According to the detainee, Milagros knew about the plan and every time they were together he asked her when they would execute it. On Monday, without imagining that his partner had an extramarital relationship, Abdiel went to visit her in Pancán (Jauja) and the two hitmen were waiting for him there, who already knew what time he would arrive from the messages that the girl sent to Kenyu and at 11: 30 am, he was shot.

7 months ago they planned to kill him

“No…why do you have to die? That bullet was for me,” Milagros Limaymanta Hurtado was heard shouting when Abdiel Castellanos lay dying on the sidewalk. His crying did not convince the Divincri police officers. According to the investigations, it was in April 2021 that Kenyu Tomas’s mind was about killing Abdiel to be happy with Milagros Limaymanta. In September 2021, his stepfather Ángel Cuadrado, who had a criminal record, contacted him with a certain “Michael” with whom they agreed to pay S / 5 thousand for the crime.

Alleged murderer accuses engineer's wife: "She told me she wanted to get rid of him"

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And to follow up, he gave her an advance of S/2 thousand. On Monday, January 17, the Machivellian plan was finalized. To avoid suspicion, Kenyu went to work and at 12:00 noon, the hit man told him that “the work had already been done” and he went to collect the remaining S/3,000. In his demonstration, the person implicated in the murder told the authorities that one day before the crime, he was at a party in Ataura (Jauja) with Milagros, with whom he had a two-year relationship and they used to meet in hostels and at his house. Pilcomayo.



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Alleged murderer accuses engineer's wife: "She told me she wanted to get rid of him"

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