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January 20, 2022
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“There is a danger of González Daher escaping”

“There is a danger of González Daher escaping”

Yesterday, José Casañas Levi, a renowned Doctor of Law, stated that Ramón González Daher, because he is 70 years old, cannot go to jail. This generated debate on the networks.

Federico Campos López Moreira, defense attorney for the victims of the Daher, refuted his colleague by ironizing that, with that interpretation, he is going to hire his 75-year-old uncle to rob banks or to threaten and kidnap millionaires.

“Age is relative. He can be 80 and 90 years old too, but if he has the capacity to do harm like an EPP soldier or like Osama bin Laden, he should be in prison,” he said.

The lawyer pointed out that the latest facts show that González Daher, being confined from his home, committed criminal acts again. He alluded to the pyramid network-type payment system, where the former sports leader participated to generate profits. However, given the possible scam in which he fell, he was making threats by phone in order to get his money back.
“It is a new fact, for that alone he should be imprisoned. The Prosecutor did not see that. It should also include his indictment for that case, “he said.

On January 15, Judge Enrique Sanabria granted Daher freedom of movement. The argument was the advanced age of the accused.

In this regard, Campos López Moreira affirmed that Ramón González Daher no longer has any kind of roots or guarantee, since he has been disaffected from all the assets he said he had.
“There are proven reasons that you can flee the country. Their assets have already been seized. The danger of flight is still latent, three times more than before because it is more likely that a person will abscond when the process determines that they are going to leave for fifteen years, and only one Chicana remains before the court,” he warned.

Cynthia Lovera, a criminal judge of guarantees rejected on Tuesday, the incident of nullity raised by the defense of Ramón González Daher.

It is in the case where the former sports leader is charged with breach of deposit and extortion.

This means that the defense stated that the accusation made against González Daher does not correspond because it has nothing to do with the robbery. However, the judge rejected the request due to the evidence that the checks were in his home.

At the end of August, the Public Ministry denounced that around 417 checks, used as evidence, in the Ramón González Daher case, were stolen from the Judiciary. The papers were part of the usury, money laundering and false complaint case where the former sports leader was linked.

Added to this situation was a new complaint against Daher. In mid-December, businessman Alberto Antebi stated that the accused used guarantee checks to continue extorting him. These papers were part of the batch of checks stolen from the judicial entity.

Therefore, on December 22, the Public Ministry raided the home of the former sports leader. After the operation, Natalia Cacavelos, the prosecutor in the case, requested Daher’s indictment for the punishable acts of breaking the deposit, as instigator, and extortion, as perpetrator.

On Monday, January 3, Gustavo Amarilla, judge in the case, admitted the accusation and set the hearing for the imposition of measures for Thursday, January 13. However, it was suspended due to the aforementioned nullity incident presented by the defense.

With the last rejection of the judge, it only remains to define the new date of the hearing for the imposition of measures.

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