Alexis Villalona: "I am not a criminal, I am a working man"

Alexis Villalona: “I am not a criminal, I am a working man”

“I am not a criminal, I have not killed anyone, I am a working man”He stated this Thursday Alexis Villalona before the request of one year of preventive detention requested by the Public ministry for the aggression committed against Santa Arias in Baní.

“That was a mistake that I made like any human being and I am very sorry,” the accused told reporters during the coercive measure hearing, postponed after his lawyer challenged the judge who heard the case for alleged bias.

When asked about Santa Arias’s statements, that he did not accept his apologies for the incident, Villalona stated that “forgiveness is asked of any person, if you do not grant it, you cannot be forced.”

Regarding his willingness to seek an out-of-court agreement with the victim, the defendant indicated that “any solution, my lawyer has an answer for that.”

The Public ministry of the Peravia province is committed to setting an example with Villalona so that this case of violence against women does not go unpunished, and so that men understand that they will have consequences when they incur physical and verbal violence against a female.

This was revealed in a television interview by the head prosecutor of Peravia, Ángel Darío Tejeda.

The hearing was postponed, without a date, until the Court of Appeal decides on the recusal of the judge.

Villalona was arrested last Friday in the El Fundó community, Baní, after being a fugitive for two weeks after the incident.

Graduated from the UASD of the Social Communication career, Journalism mention. She has participated as a collaborator in radio programs and as a journalist in El Nuevo Diario and Diario Libre.

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