We can open disciplinary proceedings against deputy Arthur do Val

Alesp: Ethics Council approves filing lawsuit against Arthur do Val

The Council of Ethics and Parliamentary Decorum of the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo (Alesp) decided this morning (18), unanimously, to accept the admissibility of the 20 representations who ask for the impeachment of state deputy Arthur do Val, known as Mamãe Falei, currently without a party.Alesp: Ethics Council approves filing lawsuit against Arthur do Val

With this, the process begins that will judge the parliamentarian because of audios that went viral on social networks and in which he makes sexist statements about Ukrainian refugees.

At the end of the process, the deputy can be acquitted, warned, censured and even lose the mandate temporarily or permanently. In case of loss of mandate, the decision will need to be voted on in plenary.

With the opening of the process, Arthur do Val will have a period of five legislative sessions to present his defense on the merits, which starts counting from Monday (21). After that, the rapporteur of the process must be chosen, a position that may be occupied by Delegate Olim (PP).

Lawyer Paulo Bueno, who defends the deputy, spoke out after the council’s decision. “Unfortunately, the House has admitted a lawsuit based on a private audio, sent to a private group, illegally leaked. The deputy was on leave from his activities in the Assembly and outside the national territory, and could not be tried for breach of decorum. However, having accepted the request, we will now turn to the merits and dosimetry of the penalty. We expect justice and not revenge.”

Last week, Podemos, the party he was a member of, announced the disaffiliation of Arthur do Val, at the request of the congressman himself. In a statement, the party said it “does not tolerate sexism or any kind of prejudiced behavior by its members”. Also last week, the deputy announced that he left the Free Brazil Movement (MBL).

In a note released yesterday on its social networks, the MBL informed that it will continue to support the deputy. “We will remain firm in the fight against the absurd request for the impeachment of an exemplary parliamentarian, who honored his mandate and the money of the people of São Paulo in these three years of work”.

the case

Arthur do Val went to Ukraine in the midst of the country’s war and even posted a photo on social media where he would be helping to produce Molotov cocktails to fight the Russians.

Upon leaving the country, on the border with Slovakia, the deputy sent an audio to friends, praising the beauty of Ukrainian refugees. He then stated that he intends to return to Eastern Europe and said that women there are “easy” because they are poor.

“As soon as this war is over I will come back here. And detail, they look. And they are easy, because they are poor. And here my Instagram letter, full of subscribers, works great. I didn’t catch anyone, we didn’t have time, but I glued on two groups of mines and it’s unbelievable how easy it is”, he said in the audio.

Upon arrival in Brazil, the deputy gave interviews confirming that he was the author of the audio and withdrew his pre-candidacy for the government of the state of São Paulo. He claimed to have made “a mistake in a moment of excitement”.

“That’s not what I think. What I said was a mistake in a moment of excitement. The impression I get here is that I got there, there were a lot of people, and I said ‘who wants to come with me, I’m going to buy something’. It’s not that. I went to do one thing, I sent an unhappy audio and the impression that passed is that I went to do something else”.

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