Alberto Fernández spoke with Lula and congratulated him on the victory in the ballot

Alberto Fernández spoke with Lula and congratulated him on the victory in the ballot

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Argentine President Alberto Fernandez communicated this Sunday night by phone with the elected president of Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and congratulated him on the victory in the elections against Jair Bolsonaro. This was confirmed by presidential spokeswoman Gabriela Cerruti.

Earlier, the head of state had shown himself “very happy” for Lula’s victory in the Brazilian elections, whom he considered “a unique and impressive leader”, and stressed the importance of “preserving the bond” between Argentina and the neighboring country.

“I am very happy that Brazil recovers Lula and that Latin America recovers Lula, for what he is, a really unique and impressive leader, who had a very bad time”expressed the president in declarations to Radio 10 and added: “The Brazilians took Lula to the place where he is today, he deserved it and he does a lot of good for the region, because he is a very important regional leader.”

And he noted: “We must preserve the link between Brazil and Argentina, it will surely be much deeper and more realistic and sincere, and that is no small thing. Argentina and Brazil represent a very high level of South American gross product.”

In this sense, the Argentine head of state assured that “during all these years” of Jair Bolsonaro’s mandate “I kept silent about the grievances I received from the Brazilian government, with the condition that objectively the relationship between Argentina and Brazil must be indestructible, more no matter who rules.”

and ensured that Lula “is a man who understands the needs of the region, and particularly the situation in Argentina. It is very easy to talk to him about the problems that Argentina has because I always find understanding in Lula”Fernandez said.

Along these lines, he recalled that he has known the Brazilian leader “for many years, from when Néstor (Kirchner) was a candidate (for president). He has always had enormous generosity in his treatment of me, I know Lula’s profound thoughts on the idea of Latin American integration,” he said.

He also remarked that Unasur and Celac were “made possible by Lula”, and he stated: “If we could build this Brazil-Mexico-Argentina axis, it would be very good for the region“.

In addition, he affirmed that he communicated with the leader of the PT by telephone “on Thursday for his birthday” and announced that he was going to call him to congratulate him, “I hope to see him very soon,” he said.

“I am going to talk to him to see how we combine to see each other, I really want to give him a very big hug. I hope I can see him soon and give him the hug that I usually give to the friends I love dearly”, detailed.

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